Internet Consulting



Internet Solutions should not cost you money, they should make you money.  Too many companies just focus on the graphics to make a website that looks good and then add a few other bells and whistles.   ROIonline focuses on complete solutions. Through our Diagnostic Internet Business Analysis (DIBA) we identify what processes can be improved by utilizing Internet technologies.  Each companies needs are different.  Our solutions could include a new web site, an Internet marketing campaign to drive more traffic, an email campaign, web site tracking services, e-commerce solutions, an online catalog or a combination of many or all.

Our objective is to ensure that your business realizes the full potential from the cutting edge Internet technologies available today to to deliver the best return on investment. Upon completion of the DIBA we build for you a custom solution proposal for your business.  We then manage to completion the solutions. 


We seek a long-term business relationship as your Internet solutions company.  We can only do that by delivering increased sales and reduced costs.

Send your comments to or  Contact us to discuss a custom Internet solutions proposal for your business.